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Hospitals Without Insurance in Oklahoma

Insurance is intended to protect an individual or entity in the event of an unexpected liability or loss. Indirectly it protects victims of negligence. In some states, there are laws making insurance mandatory for homeowners, businesses, or automobile drivers.
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Investigating Your Doctor’s Credentials

Even though placing your care in the hands of a doctor takes trust and confidence, it is surprising how few people take the time to check the credentials of their doctors. Most people will simply take a referral from a friend or find the doctor who is most conveniently located.
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Hospital Duties and Physician Credentialing: Know Your Rights

Hospitals have a duty to know the experience level and ability of all staff, particularly specialists and physicians. It is the duty of a hospital to make sure that a patient is receiving care consistent with their specific condition and circumstances.
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The Impact of Tort Reform in Oklahoma

Tort reform is the concept of limiting or “capping” the amount of money injured victims can receive in a personal injury case (also known as a tort claim). Caps usually apply to non-economic damages such as mental and physical pain and suffering.
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The Institute of Medicine

The Institute of Medicine (“IOM”) was established in 1970 to examine policy matters pertaining to the health of the public and to advise the federal government. The IOM’s to Err is Human: Building a Safer Healthcare System was published in 1999.
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