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Month: November 2018

Oklahoma Senate Bill 1446 – An Act Regulating Opioid Drugs

By Clark+Mitchell November 26, 2018

An Act Regulating Opioid Drugs The Oklahoma Legislature recently passed Senate Bill 1446. It was signed into law by Governor Mary Fallin and effective November 1, 2018. This law is an attempt to address the opioid crisis in Oklahoma and imposes new restrictions on physicians and healthcare providers in the prescribing of Schedule II and…

Robotic Surgery

By Clark+Mitchell November 20, 2018

What do you know about Robotic Surgery? Your surgeon tells you that he can do the procedure using the robot. That sounds exciting, up to date, high-tech. You consent. You may have made a mistake. The robotic operating system is manufactured by an Intuitive and is known as the DaVinci, named after the great inventor.…

Understanding Medical Negligence Law in Oklahoma | Clark Mitchell

By Clark+Mitchell November 12, 2018

Medical Negligence/ Medical Malpractice It occurs when a medical care provider provides treatment to the patient that is below or against the acceptable standard of care for a medical condition. Negligence does not occur when a patient does not achieve the desired results they wanted from a medical treatment.   Examples of medical malpractice would…