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How Do Medical Malpractice Settlement Negotiations Work?

Medical Malpractice Settlement Negotiations Medical malpractice cases are very specific types of legal actions. Unlike some personal injury cases where the fault is easily determined and losses are easy to calculate, a malpractice suit can be complicated and has its medical malpractice lawsuit settlements process. You need to go through a medical malpractice settlement process.…

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Medical Malpractice claim

How to File a Medical Malpractice Suit?

Basic Requirements for Medical Malpractice Claim Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. This is an alarming statistic that says a lot about the medical profession at large.   Armed with the above fact, It is of utmost importance to keep the medical community honest and engaged in practicing safe…

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Medical Malpractice: Key Factors Involved in a Clinical Negligence Claim

Key Factors Involved in a Clinical Negligence Claim Clinical Negligence is also a part of medical Malpractice you can have Clinical Negligence Claim if you are a victim.   Medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the United States for medical reasons according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).…

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Medical Malpractice: Coverage of Duties, Ethics and Case Law

Medical professionals are held to a certain professional standard when it comes to providing care to patients. Every medical practitioner is expected to treat their patients in a manner that is considered the “medical standard of care” for a specific illness or injury. Failure to care for a patient in this manner is considered malpractice.…

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How do I File for Medical Malpractice Claim?

Being injured by the care of a medical professional during the course of your care is considered malpractice. This applies to doctors, nurses and hospital and clinic staff. Malpractice can happen in any type of medical setting and does not apply to only one type of injury or illness. If you believe that you have…

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Types of Medical Negligence

Medical negligence occurs when a medical professional performs their duties in a manner that is not considered an accepted standard of medical care, there are different Types of Medical Negligence. For an injury to be considered medical malpractice the action must have caused harm to the patient. This is a very important factor in malpractice…

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Medical Negligence: What does a Malpractice Case Involve?

Medical malpractice occurs when the actions of a medical professional causes the patient harm. It is often described as “proving treatment that is out of the norm with common practices.” Malpractice applies to all medical professionals including, doctors, nurses, CNA’s, orderlies, technicians, and other hospital staff.   Malpractice may even apply to hospital or clinic…

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Medical Malpractice: Erroneous Diagnosis and Treatment

Erroneous Diagnosis and Treatment Many patients tend to have a lot of trust in doctors. Physicians are medical experts after all. However, these medical experts are human beings, and even the most competent and experienced physicians can make mistakes. An erroneous diagnosis, which usually results in an erroneous treatment, is one of the mistakes that…

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Medical Negligence: Surgical Infections and Malpractice

Surgical Infections and Malpractice Surgical infections are one of the types of medical malpractice , and represent the most prevalent type of infection associated with medical care in the United States, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.It important to know about lawsuit infection after surgery. An estimated 157,000 patients in the U.S. end up…

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