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Patients in an emergency room are at the mercy of medical care providers. It follows that it is easy to assume a doctor’s abilities to properly diagnose and care for their patients, but this is not always the case. Some emergency room staff members act negligently, which can lead to severe injuries.

Emergency Room Errors and Accidents

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By its very nature, emergency room care requires a high level of awareness and the ability to make quick decisions based on a patient’s welfare. When emergency rooms are busy, the staff may have to rank patients in order of need. Unfortunately, in such a fast-paced environment, mistakes are more likely, and hasty decision-making can result in serious injury or wrongful death to patients.

At Clark & Associates, we are experienced in the investigation of emergency room errors and will aggressively seek to maximize your compensation for any injuries resulting from negligence. Our team of lawyers have a combined 50 years’ worth of experience working on these and other types of medical malpractice cases.

Hospital Liability and Emergency Room Errors

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Improper screening of a patient
  • Refusing treatment to a patient
  • Transfer of unstable patients
  • Failure to abide by safety regulations
  • Hospital negligence
  • Doctor credentialing
  • Nursing malpractice

Who is Liable After an Accident or Injury?

Hospitals may be liable for emergency room injuries or death caused by negligence or a substandard level of care. Our legal team, which includes a registered nurse, is experienced in handling complex medical malpractice claims.

We know how to investigate injuries, identify all responsible parties, and aggressively pursue compensation for pain and suffering, medical costs, lost wages, future care needs, or the wrongful death of a loved one. Many people go to the emergency room because they do not have insurance.

There is so much primary care going on in the ER that doctors and inventory nurses can sometimes miss the life-threatening cases. If your visit to the ER was mishandled, we can help.

Our Legal Team is Experienced in Emergency Room Errors and Accidents

In cases where the negligence of a single physician or nurse causes a personal injury, that individual alone may be held responsible. In some instances, both a hospital and the professionals working there can be held liable for injuries.

We are experienced in handling complex litigation involving multiple defendants, including doctors, nurses, specialists, and hospitals. Although negotiations and settlements are often preferred, our trial attorneys are prepared to litigate any case where necessary.

We will work for your best interests; if that means taking your case to a lengthy litigation process because the insurance companies won’t settle high enough on your behalf, we won’t hesitate to go to court.


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