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How do I File for Medical Malpractice Claim?

Medical Malpractice

Being injured by the care of a medical professional during the course of your care is considered malpractice. This applies to doctors, nurses and hospital and clinic staff. Malpractice can happen in any type of medical setting and does not apply to only one type of injury or illness. If you believe that you have been harmed by a medical practitioner, you should file for Medical Malpractice Claim speak with a medical malpractice attorney about your case.


If You Believe That You Are A Victim Of Malpractice


If you believe that you are the victim of malpractice by a medical professional, it is very important that you prepare yourself file for Medical Malpractice Claim. To do this, you may wish to:


Get A Second Opinion. It should be understood, however, that even if a second doctor comes up with the correct diagnosis for your condition or admits that your previous treatment was in error, it is very rare for a doctor to come right out and say that malpractice occurred by another medical professional. Getting a second opinion will help you begin treatment to correct the issue, but you will most likely have to see an attorney-appointed doctor by either side of the case to verify that malpractice has occurred.

Gather Medical Records. A majority of your case will be based on the actual medical records surrounding your case. Your OKC medical malpractice attorney will need to gather all of your medical records for review. The opposing attorney will also want a copy of these records. Gathering records prior to your office visit with your attorney can reduce evidence gathering time while you file for Medical Malpractice Claim

Start Medical Care. If you can receive treatment to help the medical condition that was caused by the malpractice, make sure that you begin treatment. If treatment is not available, make sure that you are medically evaluated. Your health is the most important thing in the world, taking care of it must be your top priority.

Start A Journal. You will want to begin documenting everything about your medical condition that is a result of the malpractice event. Make sure that you document why you think it was malpractice, what it has done to you physically, mentally and financially, and your daily progress now that you have been injured. All of this information will be relevant to your attorney.

Work With An Attorney. If you feel that you have been injured by a medical professional, you are going to have a difficult time with your insurer and many things inside the medical industry. Protect your rights as an injury victim and secure legal representation. This makes sure that you get the treatment that you need without being denied by the insurance providers.


The Problems With Social Media


Social media has become a very integrated part of society. Talking with family and friends through this form of communication is just an accepted thing people now do. However, it needs to be understood, everything that you post on these sites is not just viewed by the people that you wrote the message to. In most cases, these posts are posted for anyone to see.


Whenever a person files a lawsuit seeking compensation, one of the first things that the opposing attorney and insurance company does is begin to monitor the social media accounts of the person who filed the suit. Many insurance companies even put out fake friend requests to these people so that they can engage in conversations with them about these issues to try and troll for information to be used against them in the case. And yes, since these conversations are held in the public domain, they can do this legally.


Everything and anything can be twisted around once it has been posted. Any postings on your social sites once you have begun a case should avoid information about your case, your injury and your treatments. If you must make a comment, be vague such as “had another doctor appointment today” or “wish I felt better.” Avoid posting any personal pictures on the site of yourself or your home, even if they are older. Someone who does not know you does not know those are vacation pictures from five years ago.


The Importance Of Filing A Claim For Malpractice


In addition to protecting your rights as a victim from a medical injury, one of the most important reasons that you should seek compensation is to make sure the medical professional knows that something has gone wrong. Medical professionals at all levels must be aware that their actions have caused harm.


For some medical professionals, one malpractice lawsuit is enough to give them a wakeup call and they work diligently to never allow this type of mistake to happen again.


Malpractice lawsuits are also a way for government agencies to track medical professionals and their actions. A doctor, nurse or facility that continually has lawsuits against them will track and subjected to specific penalties, including the loss of their license, by the appropriate authorities. This type of action protects everyone in the long run.

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