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Bad Faith Insurance

In the United States, insurance companies legally have an “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing” duty to their clients. If the insurance company fails to deal fairly with you or act in good faith, you have grounds for a bad faith insurance lawsuit.

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Purchasing insurance is an important step to protect your health, financial security, family, home investments, or business. Unfortunately, insurance carriers make a business out of limiting viable claims and defending against payouts, even when your claim deserves coverage under a policy. At Clark & Associates, we are experienced in the investigation of bad faith denials and limitation of coverage by insurance carriers. You may be surprised at how much your claim is worth compared to what your provider offered.

Assert Your Rights After an Insurance Claim Denial or Limitation of Coverage

Insurance is a billion-dollar business that often lacks sufficient regulation and oversight. They collect money in premiums and then work diligently to hold onto as much of it as possible when someone files a claim.

By law, insurance companies are required to act in “good faith” by providing you with a fair amount of compensation; however, they often try to lowball their unknowing clients in order to save themselves money.

If you believe your claim was not high enough, or if it was rejected outright, you may have a bad faith case. While individuals, businesses, and families lose out every year to bad faith denials and limited coverage, there is a way for you to recover and take legal action against an insurance carrier.

A bad faith insurance claim is a legal way for you to pursue coverage under a valid insurance claim. In addition to recovering the compensation due under a policy, you may also be entitled to additional penalty fees.
Our firm is experienced in handling insurance bad faith claims involving:

  • Car insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Homeowners’ insurance
  • Fires, floods, and weather damage
  • Life insurance policies (denial of death benefits)
  • Business insurance
  • Uninsured or underinsured motorist claims
  • Non-ERISA health insurance

Hire Experienced Bad Faith Claims Trial Attorneys

When an unexpected accident or injury leaves you at a financial loss, you expect that your insurance policy is a protection for your security and your family. When an insurance carrier wrongly denies your claim, you do have rights. Let us help you hold the carrier accountable.

Our attorneys will take immediate steps to investigate and document your claim. We may be able to quickly settle your claim out of court, but we are also prepared to go to trial if that is the best way to pursue the compensation you deserve.


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