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Nursing Error and Hospital Injury

Trusting the care you receive when you enter the hospital is the only way to get treatment. Whether you suffered an injury in an accident or are being treated for a serious illness, your care is in the hands of medical staff and professionals, including nurses.


Mistakes and negligence in handling a procedure or everyday care can be devastating. At Clark & Mitchell P.C., we are experienced in representing clients who have suffered serious injury or lost a loved one because of nursing error.


Expert Resources and Our Complex Litigation Team


Our firm is comprised of an experienced legal team prepared to effectively handle your case. Attorney Heather Mitchell was a practicing nurse before receiving her law degree and knows the procedures and standards of care required for professionals and hospitals.

She knows a nurse is foremost a patient advocate.

We are experienced in nursing error and negligence cases or claims involving:


  • 1)Failure to follow physicians’ orders
  • 2)Failure to notify physician of a change in condition
  • 3)Medication errors
  • 4)Surgical mistakes
  • 5)Failure to diagnose or treat in a timely manner
  • 6)Misuse of a medical device
  • 7)Negligence during child delivery/birth injuries


Documentation Errors


It is the responsibility of nurses to document treatment received, update a patient’s file, and notify doctors of any changes in condition. If a nurse mistakenly reports the amount or type of medication received by a patient, this can be serious or deadly.


Mixing up two patients’ charts can also result in the wrong treatment or surgery for both patients. Our legal team is experienced in complex medical malpractice claims and can effectively pursue compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, long-term care needs, wrongful death, and other personal or financial losses.


Immediate Investigations to Protect Your Case and Claim


After an injury or death while under the care of medical professionals, it is important to begin an immediate investigation. Our Experience  Medical Malpractice attorneys in Oklahoma will interview witnesses, contact experts, and collect all documentation pertinent to your case.


Becoming involved as early as possible will allow us to preserve evidence and begin building a case on your behalf. We will identify every responsible party and pursue every avenue of recovery to maximize your claim. If you believe you have a case, call Clark and Mitchell P.C. today to set up a free consultation with one of our seasoned attorneys.


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