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When you have been injured at no fault of your own, what do you do? Who do you call? 

Finding the “right” lawyer to represent you is often the most critical and challenging part of a successful recovery. 

The experience of your lawyer will play a pivotal role in the compensation of your case. Therefore, it is essential not to look at prices and ads alone but to know the lawyer working alongside you. You will want to watch out for “quick turnover rates” as well as “high volume” as you may be dealing with a representative who will get the case over quickly, not dedicated to their client getting the total compensation they deserve. 

Like most important decisions in life, you will have to do some homework by meeting with a reputable law firm that takes the time to explain and answers every question you or your family has. Thus, it will better assist you in understanding how to go forward and make educated choices.  

Unfortunately, most injury victims do not know what’s best or how to determine if their attorney is the right fit for the situation. Clark & Associates are here to help with our vast years of experience in Personal Injury.

Here are ten questions to ask your personal injury attorney:  

1.) Please explain the legal aspects of my case:

You should have a basic understanding and knowledge of the law that applies to cases like yours, but the little details can get confusing.  Your attorney and their team from Clark & Associates will make sure they spend the time to help you understand the legal position you are facing.  One of the most common methods used in a courtroom to resolve matters quickly. For example, the most common question our firm hears in personal injury cases is “Who was at fault?” Often, that answer leads to negligence of another and not the victim sitting in your shoes.  

“Negligence” happens when a person or a company fails to provide a reasonable amount of responsibility that is required to prevent a situation that caused harm. This doesn’t mean every company has to do everything perfectly, but it does mean their actions will be compared to that of a relatively well-thought person. 

Your lawyer will also have to prove that the defendant’s negligence was the ultimate cause for your injury.  Foreseeability, usually it is another person or company that is at fault. However, it will leave you asking whether or not the cause of your injury could have been foreseen and prevented. Again, your attorney should explain this to you in detail with ease and a clear understanding of the topics discussed. 

2.) Does my case present any unique challenges? If so, how do we combat them?

Many personal injury cases fall into the scenario of the “tv add” attorneys. Clark & Associates are reputable, committed, and chose to be involved professionally in the state judicial organizations to stay current in any changes in the law. That is why you do not settle for just any attorney. 

Being partly to blame for your accident can cause massive setbacks in the conclusion of your case and impact the size of your settlement. Therefore, you will want your attorney to thoroughly investigate your case and present their plan of action to lead to your settlement or allow you to decide to go to trial with your attorney’s experience.  

3.) How much will my case cost?

All fees will come out of your settlement in an agreement for the attorney to represent the case. The more prepared and well-versed you are in your case, the more beneficial it will be for you and allow the attorney to have all information to represent your claim to obtain the justice you and your family deserves. 

4.) Does my attorney have the resources required to take in my case?

Lawsuits involving serious medical injuries can become very pricey in court. As a result, the firm might need to utilize medical experts and witnesses. If your lawyer does not have the financial means to do so, they may cut corners at the expense of your case and settlement. Therefore, it pays to have a lawyer who has the personal and financial ability to get you the best witnesses and resources possible.

5.) How long will it take until my case is resolved?

It is essential to go into your case knowing how long it is going to take. Some cases can take years to settle, and some may be evident initially and need a little reinforcement by a reputable attorney such as Clark & Associates. Therefore, you want to prepare how much time, emotion, and money that will be put into a case to have a fair resolution that is deserved. 

6.) Who will be in charge of my case?

In a personal injury case, it is your case, and remember the law firm works for you. We will educate you in regards to the case. However, every decision is yours. Clark & Associates has the elite to advise you of your choices and which direction you choose to go. If it makes you feel comfortable, ask to meet with each team member to ensure you are confident with the people taking care of you and your case. Our clients have the ability at any time to call, email, or meet with all our staff. 

7.) How will you communicate with me?

Calls, emails, and text message updates are not only polite, but they are necessary. It is your case, and you should be up to date with each turn. Your lawyer should be welcome to answer all questions you have about the progression of your case. 

8.) Do you have experience with cases like mine?

Insurance companies that attempt to take advantage of victims know which lawyers go to court and obtain justice. Therefore, they will factor this in when accessing your claim, which can drastically change your timeline. Most lawyers provide this information on their website accompanied by testimonials. This is a great place to start, as the more experience your lawyer has, the more likely, you will receive a proper settlement. 

9.) Will my case be settled, or will it go to court?

As important as this question is, many forget to ask. An inexperienced or unprofessional lawyer will settle for a lower number to shorten the length of your case. A settlement is a typical result; however, an experienced and seasoned attorney will be prepared to go to court, which will be expressed immediately to the adjuster handling your claim for the insurance company. 

10.) Any specific questions about YOUR case

You want to be sure you ask any questions that specifically pertain to your case. You don’t want to be confused in your case. If you go to court, you don’t want to go in blind. If you have questions about legality, ask! 

Your attorney is there for you and your well-being and should be open to answering all inquiries you might have.  If you want to be sure you’re working with qualified, experienced, and well-respected attorneys who will take the time to answer all of your questions – Contact Clark & Mitchell for your Personal Injury attorney needs. We are dedicated to protecting your rights, getting you total compensation, and being by your side throughout the process.