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Who can a wrongful death claim be filed against?

Claims can be filed against a wide assortment of people, organizations, government offices, and representatives. For instance, in a car crash including a damaged road and a drunk driver, a wrongful death action may incorporate defendants such as; drivers or employers, a developer or builder of damaged roads, government agents who neglect to give a satisfactory warning with respect to faulty roads, producers, sellers, installers of faulty vehicle parts, those who sold served or offered liquor to an impaired driver, or the proprietor of the premises where the liquor was served.

Immunity for Government Agencies and Employees

In certain instances, people or organizations might be immune from a wrongful death claim. That implies they can’t be sued for wrongful death. Who may qualify for immunity fluctuates from state to state. For instance, in certain circumstances, government offices and representatives may be safe under specific conditions.

More recent laws give immunity from wrongful death lawsuits to litigants in railroad crashes and certain item liability cases including clinical devices. In 2013, the U.S. Supreme decided that creators of generic drugs can’t be held liable in a state court personal injury or wrongful death claim based on the alleged “dangerous” nature medication since the FDA approved the name brand medication and labeling.

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